We began our Active School Flag journey in October 2023. We elected a hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic ASF committee. Our aim is to become ‘More Active, More Often’ and to become an active school where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all. 

As part of our Active School flag journey we were extremely busy. We had an Active Halloween Break day and an Active Christmas Break day. We completed the Active Breaks challenge for the month of November. We really felt the benefits of being more active during the school day and enjoyed the physical and mental health benefits that being active entails.

We are very lucky with our ASF committee members who work tirelessly to make our school an more active environment. Our committee members and Active Playground leaders work hard to make lunch times more active. They introduced ‘free play’ with PE equipment on the big yard on Wednesdays, on Thursdays they give pupils in Junior and Senior infants the opportunity to use the equipment and on Fridays they introduced games such as Dodgeball, Soccer, Basketball, Netball and Capture the Flag to the Senior yard. They organize and referee these games. Maith sibh a phaistí

 As part of our ASF journey we really focused on Dance in Term 2. Ms Barry taught a 5 week block of Dance to every class. This was a huge success and the pupils really enjoyed the experience. Go Raibh Míle Maith Agat Ms Barry. We are so lucky to have such a talented dancer in our midst willing to share her expertise. 

Run Around Europe Challenge took place in Febraury. It has been extremely successful, it is great to see everyone so active every day. Well done to all pupils, teachers and SNAS. As a school we have run to Kiev in the Ukraine, London in England, Ankara in Turkey, Brussels in Belgium and we are not finished yet. In the first 2 weeks our total was 5742KM. 

Friday 23.3.24 we will have an Active Break Easter Holiday Day. It will be a culmination of all the dancing and running that has been happening over the last few weeks. We are encouraging everyone to dress as Crazy Hair Rock-stars. We will have some prizes for the most creative homemade costumes. 

As part of our Active School Flag initiative we wanted to create new partnerships with the wider community. Sharon Lawton very  generously volunteered her time to do some meditation with Rang 3, 4, 5&6. The pupils were delighted to take part and were really relaxed, refreshed and revived afterwards. Go raibh míle agat a Sharon

We are extremely grateful to the work of our caretaker John Mc Carthy who is busy helping us to create a ASF Walkway Route. Once our Walkway Route is up and running our focus in PE will be on Outdoor and Adventure Activities in particular orienteering after Easter for every class.

Our biggest ASF event will take place from Monday April 29 to Friday May 3. It will be the biggest and most exciting Active School week our school has ever seen. 

Remember – ‘Let’s be wise and exercise’.