Active School Walkway

Thanks to the tremendous work of our caretaker John McCarthy our Active School walkway has been launched. It is a huge asset to our school and has been used in so many different ways already – sports, movement, mindfulness, orienteering, maths, English. We can’t wait to see what else we can do with it in the future. It is inclusive and accessible to everyone. It has allowed us to appreciate the beauty of the grounds of our school and garden areas, as much of this area was previously out of bounds. It also gives us an opportunity to admire the biodiversity of our school environment. We can’t wait to make it part of our school routine next year!

Active Break Challenge

Every class participated in the  #DaretoBelieve Olympic Challenge for 4 weeks. 

The Olympic Movement Breaks are a series of 20 short videos led by Olympians and High-Performance athletes demonstrating fun exercises and activities that students of all abilities can do. The short videos are across a variety of different sports including athletics, boxing, rugby sevens, swimming, breakdancing, and para powerlifting.

The goal was to  highlight the many fun benefits of being more active. The Olympic Movement Breaks encouraged schools to take part in a four-week ‘Active Break Every Day’ challenge (it ran  from November 13th-December 8th 2023).  Regular movement for children brings many benefits to the teaching and learning process, and following these high-performance athletes is a great way for young people to see some of the athletes who will represent Ireland in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games next summer.

Pupils loved this initiative, enjoyed being active, learning about different sports and our Olympians.

Aside from this challenge teachers and pupils regularly complete active break challenges, everyone enjoys the benefits of moving between and during lessons.

ASF Equipment Monitors

Our equipment monitors have been working tirelessly to audit all of our PE equipment. They have organized, labelled  and tidied out PE equipment room and are keeping it in excellent condition for the whole school community. 

Active Playground Leaders

Our Active School Committee have recruited a number of Playground leaders who have been a fabulous addition to our breaktimes. Everyone is encouraged to be more active, to use equipment, to be inclusive, to share their talents, to learn from one another and most importantly to have fun. On Wednesdays we encourage free play and we rotate equipment between each class. On Thursdays the ASF committee and playground leaders bring equipment and games to the infant yard. The infants love playing with their ‘big buddies’. On Fridays we play games such as  Capture the Flag, soccer, netball, basketball and dodgeball. We rotate the games each week. This would not be possible without our amazing ASF committee and playground leaders who set up the games, referee and tidy up afterwards. We would be lost without them!

Run Around Europe Challenge Spring 2024

Our run around Europe Campaign has kicked off to a flying start and we have already reached Kiev in the Ukraine, London in England, Ankara in Turkey, Brussels in Belgium and we are not finished yet!. The challenge began 26.2.24 and will be completed on 22.3.24. All classes have participated in this 4 week challenge. Our aim is to promote running in a fun and inclusive way. We are really enjoying the benefits of being outside completing our distances and getting fit! Check out our twitter feed for more updates.

Active Holiday Break Challenges

Active Halloween Holiday Break 

Well done to everyone for taking part in our Active Halloween Holiday break. We went on a whole school scary walk, did a whole school scary dance, Mexican wave and Rock the Boat! 

Active Christmas Holiday Break 

Everyone was in high holiday spirits for our Active Christmas Holiday Break Day. We kept warm with a whole school Christmas Jumper walk and a Christmas Dance off in the halla. Our Active slogan winner Amy Delea received her prize for her slogan ‘Let’s be wise and exercise.’