Junior Entrepreneur Programme product by Rang 5 + 6


Rang 5 and 6 are very proud to announce that their Junior Entrepreneur Project product ‘The Sports Box’ is officially ready and on sale in Castlelyons National School.  Please contact Ms. Clancy or the school office if you would like to purchase a Junior of Senior Sports box.


‘THE SPORTS BOX’ includes;


1 x Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes are a fantastic piece of sporting equipment for all children that can help to develop jumping skills and hand-eye coordination. Skipping also improves your cardiovascular health.

The skipping ropes we are providing in the Sports Box are highly durable and have strong handles to prevent them from breaking. They come in lots of different bright colours and can be used individually to play on your own or used in a group for fun games. Skipping ropes can be used for many tricks and games with your friends and family.


1 x Frisbee

A Frisbee is a great piece of equipment for children to develop throwing and catching skills. You can use it for target practice and to develop hand-eye coordination. It can be used in all weather conditions.

The frisbees we have included are soft and smooth so they are safe to use and not dangerous to little kids. They’re made of silicone, lightweight, durable and are 7 inches in diameter.

They are easy to grasp and they don’t hurt your hand when you catch it.

1 x Pack of Coloured Chalk

We included a packet of coloured chalk in every box because it means that you can create so many games and activities to exercise and have fun at home. We thought the coloured chalk would be better than white chalk because the colours can represent different exercises.

Here are some pictures of ways you could use the chalk at home to help you exercise and have fun. It will also wash away in the rain so you can make new games regularly making it reusable.

4 x Cones

There will be 4 different coloured cones in our Sports Box.

We included these because there are endless opportunities to use these for so many games and activities in sport.

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally step on the cones because they will immediately pop back into shape because they are made of flexible plastic. They are nearly impossible to break. We thought these would be really durable and they will last our customers a long time at home.


1 x Ankle Hopper

An ankle hopper is also included in each box because it is ideal for individual play while helping children to develop their coordination, fitness and agility. They are simple to use and fun for all.

You place the Hoop around one ankle and swing the ball around in a circle and jump over the rope with your other leg. This can be done either on the spot or moving forward.

1 x Tennis Ball

We included a tennis ball per box because it can be used in many ways for sport at home. Tennis balls can be used with rackets or hurleys, they can be used for handball and used to practice throwing and catching.

We sourced Hit Sport All Court Tennis Balls which are high-quality pressureless tennis balls, specifically designed for all court surfaces. They are known for their durability and are non-woven.

1 x 750ml BPA Free Sports Bottle

Each box will include a 750ml water bottle with easy pull mouth piece and screw top lid. It is manufactured from soft squeeze BPA phthalate free plastic. This will help to keep you hydrated when playing sports and exercising. A semi-translucent vertical line allows you to see how much liquid is within the water bottle at all times. 

1 x Braided Band

We are including a braided band in each box to show our support for Castlelyons sport. You can wear these around your wrist or tie them onto your schoolbag, pencil case or anywhere.

1 x ‘The Sports Box’ sticker

We have included a sticker of ‘The Sports Box’ to promote our product and for fun! 

10 x Obstacle Course Picture Cards (Junior Box Only)

Place these laminated exercise picture cards around your garden or house to make your very own obstacle course. You can complete the obstacle course on your own or with your siblings/friends. You can time yourself to see how long it takes you and try to beat your time on your next go. There are 10 cards in total. These four are examples of of the exercises you will find. 

2 x Sporting Dice (Senior Box Only)

We made our own sporting dice game. Roll both dice and do the exercise on the exercise dice, for the amount of time or reps on the second dice. You can play this on your own or with friends. 

1 x Resistance Band (Senior Box only)

We decided to include a resistance band after our ‘Dragons Den’ in class. One of the dragons Anthony Kenny who is a trained personal trainer and entrepreneur, recommended these bands in medium strength for our senior box.

Bands are a way to add resistance to a child’s activity without the dangers and cost of weights.

They are suitable for all levels and can be used for yoga, pilates and stretching exercises.

They are 100 percent latex and are 12 inches in length.   



This box and all its contents should be used safely by all pupils.

It contains items that could be unsafe to younger children if not used safely. 

Please make sure a child under 8 years old has adult supervision when using these items. 

Skipping ropes and ankle hoppers: You may trip on them. Please do not wrap around your body.

Frisbees : Do not throw it at someone 

Small dice in the senior box:  Keep out of small children’s reach – they may choke on them



Frisbee games

Long Frisbee

Use your chalk to mark a starting point. Throw the frisbee in a safe open space as far as you can and mark where it lands. If playing on your own, try to beat this distance each time. If playing in pairs or groups, see who can throw it the furthest.

Frisbee sprint

For this game you will need two players. Throw the frisbee and if it lands facing up, player one must try and run to a pre designated place before player two catches them. If the frisbee lands facing down, player two must run to that spot before player one catches them.

Frisbee volleyball

For this game you can use your chalk to draw a line. Then make two teams. The aim of this game is to try and throw the frisbee back and forth like volleyball.

Frisbee timer

For this game you need to throw the frisbee around in a circle while counting down from thirty. Whoever is holding the frisbee when you get to one loses.

Donkey frisbee

For this game you throw the frisbee around in a circle and every time someone drops the frisbee they get a letter from the word donkey. You keep going until somebody has spelled out donkey. The first person to spell it loses.

Cone games

There are a lot of games you can play with 4 cones.

Some ideas are;

  • Using the cones as soccer goals
  • Dribbling a soccer ball/basketball, soloing a sliotar/football etc around the cones
  • You could make an obstacle course with the other products in the box including skip from the yellow cone to the red cone, use the ankle hopper for 30 seconds at the blue cone and race to the white cone where you throw the frisbee at the target.
  • Assign a different exercise at each coloured cone.
  • Time yourself running/skipping/jogging/hopping from one cone to the next – try different distances
  • Use the cones as targets

Skipping Rope Games

Helicopter: One child holds the rope and swings it around in the the circle, while the other children try jump over it when it comes around to them. (Be Careful)

Limbo: Two children hold the rope and lower it every time the child goes under.

Snake: For younger kids who can’t quite get the rhythm of jumping over the rope, snake is ideal. One person turns the skipping rope into a snake on the ground wiggling it back and forth while the other kids jump back and forth over the snake. If the rope hits a person he or she is out. Participants take turns being the snake and jumping. You can play snakes without the elimination rule if players prefer.  

Jump rope math: Practicing maths facts is a lot more fun with a skipping rope. Jump rope math is a cool game for the playground at school or home. The jumper is given a maths problem to solve like three plus four and whatever the answer, they must jump the number of jumps.

Jump rope relay: If you have a bigger group of kids a jump rope relay is an energetic game to play. Divide the kids into teams and set a distance. Use your cones or chalk to help. Each participant must jump their way across and back before handing the skipping rope off to a team member. The first team to complete the jump rope relay course is the winner.

Single rope skills: Challenge your child to learn some of the basic jumping skills with such  as

  • Scissor jumps: Land with one foot forward. Then on the next jump switch feet.
  • Cross jumps: Land with feet crossed like an x, then apart and then crossed again.
  • Ducky: Land with heels apart, toes and knees pointed in and then on the next jump put your heels together and toes and knees pointed out.
  • Swing: Land on one foot and swing the opposite leg out to the side then switch on the next jump.

Ankle Skip Games

  • Two players stand a safe distance away from each other, put the ankle hopper on one foot and start skipping at the same time. See who lasts the longest.
  • Draw a long straight line with chalk and see if you can skip with the ankle hopper to the end.
  • Time yourself ankle skipping and see which one of your friends can do it for the longest.
  • Try to ankle skip with the left leg, then the right leg
  • Try to use the ankle hopper and your tennis ball. Throw and catch the tennis ball and skip with the ankle hopper (not safe for indoors)

Tennis Ball Games

1.    Hand ball: Use the chalk to draw a line on the ground. Two people stand on opposite sides of each other.  Use the tennis ball to play. You have a maximum of one bounce to get the ball over the line to your opponents side. If it takes two bounces you lose. You can only use your hand to hit the ball.

2.    Pickle: Set each cone about 20 feet apart. One player stands  to the side of each cone while the  remaining players stand in the area behind each cone designated as the safe space. The two players standing beside the cone begin by throw the tennis ball back and forth. The other players must try to run between the safe spaces without getting tagged out by the throwers. Throwers can only tag players if they have the tennis ball in their hand and the runners are not in the safe space. The runners must be in the process of running to a safe space but they can run in either direction. There are no limits to how many runners can run at a time

3.    Flinch: You stand in a circle. One person has the ball and throws the ball to someone but if they flinch, they’re out. The last one standing wins.

4.    Bomb: You stand in a circle and throw the ball around. If it drops there is a 10 second timer or countdown. If you have the ball when it ends you’re out.

5.    Donkey: You stand in a circle and throw the ball around. If it drops you get a letter ‘D’. If you keep on dropping it, you keep getting letters until you spell ‘DONKEY’ and then you’re out. The last player standing wins.

Chalk Games

Scavenger hunt: Use your chalk to write a list of things to find. Put some easy items and hard items on the list to find. When they find an item they can tick it of the list.

Bullseye: Draw 5 different rings and write [1] in the first ring [2] in the second ring [3] in the third ring [4] in the fourth ring and [5] in the fifth ring. These numbers will determine how many points you get your child throws a tennis ball or a rock to in the rings. 

Twister: Draw coloured circles on the ground. Then tell the player 1 to put one of there limbs on a coloured  circle. Say the same to player two and whoever falls over first loses.

Tic Tac Toe: To play tic tac toe you need to make a square graph with your chalk. Choose which player is [x] and which player is [o]. The goal is to get three in a row.

Maze: Draw a maze with your chalk and add some dead ends. Make sure it has a start and end. You can make your maze as tricky as you want.

Hopscotch: Hopscotch is a game where you draw 10 squares. You write the numbers all the way to 10 in the squares and then get a stone. You roll it on to the numbers and whatever number you land on, you jump to that number.


Resistance Band Exercises

1. Squats: Step into the resistance band and pull it up above your knees. Place both feet shoulder width apart. Slowly bend your knees into a squatting position and then return to your starting position. Repeat as many times as you can. This is great for building strength in your legs.

2. Standing leg abduction : Stand up straight with your resistance band placed above your knees. Place your hands against a wall or on your hips. Keep your core engaged. Extend one leg out to the side at a 45 degree angle to the floor or as far as you can. Pause and hold at the top for 1 to 2 seconds. Slowly lower leg to starting position then repeat. This is great for rehabilitation, building strength and improving mobility. 

3. Glute bridge : Wrap the band around your thighs and lie on your back. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Press your heels into the floor and raise hips to the ceiling. Pause here for a few seconds. Return to starting position and repeat again.    

4. Bicycle crunch: Lie flat on your back with your arms at your side on the floor. Wrap the band around your feet. Curl head, neck and shoulder blades up to look forward. Keep your lower back on the floor. Then pull your left knee towards your chest, while extending your right leg a few inches off the ground. Reverse the position of the legs by extending the left leg, while pulling the right knee towards your chest and repeat.

5. Upper Body: Hold the resistance band with both arms. Keep your arms at 45 degrees or a right angle, keeping your elbows tucked in by your side. Pull the band wide with both bands until you feel the stretch and release again. Repeat as many times as you can. Remember to keep your elbows tucked in. 



Thank You

A very big thank you to Zeus Packaging, Synergy Credit Union Fermoy and Beauty FX for sponsoring ‘The Sports Box’ in support of our Junior Entrepreneur Programme.